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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

M2M and telecom outdoor & indoor communication solution: connection, on a standard telecom equipment, of all devices (security cameras, ambience mic, logbook, wifi update system for embedded softwares, on-board public address system) used by underground and bus drivers, and transmission on a monitoring console recording every action (so no handwritten reports are needed) and receiving alert messages, ambience listening triggered by the driver and security cameras footage.

  • Lone worker security
  • Geolocation of vehicles, mobile medical equipment, wagons, containers…
  • Water management (water towers, reservoirs…)
  • Waste management optimization (city/motorway rest areas/etc. litterbins to be appropriately emptied)
  • Remote-control for information and advertising boards
  • Vehicles counts (traffic management, parking spot management…)
  • Remote weather stations and meters reading
  • “Smart City” : equipment and public infrastructures monitoring (lighting, info points, public transports…)
  • Farming/breeding management
  • From the communicating/networked sensor to the applications server (ex: Stadium) through a cellular network based on long-range radiofrequency technologies such as Tetra, DMR, eDMR, etc., to connect to the Internet any kind of equipment/terminals provided they don’t need high speed.
  • No phone line, GPRS, 3G/4G needed: radio transmission
  • Autonomy up to 10 years.
  • Rugged, compact, cost-efficient and quickly deployable solutions.