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Long Range Modems

Long Range Modems

SEE offers a range of modems and IP routers operating on VHF and UHF frequencies. RipEX provides 24/7 reliable service for mission‐critical applications such as SCADA & Telemetry. Key features of SEE modems include their data speed (enhanced radio transmission rates of 83Kbps or 166Kbps) and long range (transmission up to 100km).


Frequencies & ranges

Several models are available covering different frequency bands between 800MHz and 150MHz.

Our products comply with regulations for use with licensed (protected) frequencies but may also be used on open frequencies, with a maximum power output of 0.5W. In this case, their range may still reach several kilometers under the right conditions.

When using our medium‐power 5W, 10W or 20W models, the usual range is 20‐50km. The maximum effective range in operation is 100km. These ranges depend on factors such as the environment, height of antennas and the required transmission rate.



All configurations may be performed via the built‐in web interface. All settings are displayed on a single page. This interface may be accessed over an IP connection via the Ethernet socket and does not affect current connections. The Wi‐Fi interface allows a tablet to be used as the configuration tool.



All modems may be configured and controlled remotely.

From any device, reach and configure another device within range (or via a repeater).

They include security features (password, address filtering, firewall, AES encryption, etc.) and are monitored via the SNMP protocol.

Our modems contain these verification and performance tools, which are extremely handy during set‐up operations.


Bridge Mode

Packets received over any modem are broadcasted to the respective modems on all units.


IP Router or Repeater Mode

Our modems work as standard IP routers with 2 interfaces (radio and Ethernet) and 2 COM port devices and no trade‐offs. The radio stack includes a sophisticated collision prevention protocol, whereby every packet is identified. In addition, each unit can work simultaneously as a repeater, i.e. in store‐and‐forward mode.