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PMR Networks Repeaters

PMR Networks Repeaters



SEE's TETRA/TETRAPOL/DMR repeaters are designed to:

o   comply with coverage requirements for national public safety networks: INPT in France, TETRON in Austria, ASTRID in Belgium, POLYCOM in Switzerland, BDBOS in Germany, VIRVE in Finland, RAKEL in Sweden, NØDNETT in Norway, ESTER in Estonia, SIRESP in Portugal, etc., based on the the TETRA or TETRAPOL standards;

o   extend coverage of private mobile radio (PMR) networks, along with DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), LMR (Land Mobile Radio), PAMR (Public‐Access Mobile Radio) based on the TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) standard;

o   relay UHF networks within industrial complexes and maritime UHF networks on board ships.

SEE provides complete, integrated solutions allowing operators of TETRA networks and buildings open to the public to provide coverage to large complexes such as shopping centres, exhibition halls, conference centres, and confined spaces such as service corridors, tunnels and underground car parks:

o   medium and high power TETRA/TETRAPOL repeaters

o   multi‐antenna TETRA/TETRAPOL repeaters for places where coverage is difficult to achieve

o   optical TETRA/TETRAPOL repeaters for tunnels and large infrastructures

o   turnkey sites


400MHz channel‐selective TETRA/TETRAPOL/DMR repeaters

Channel‐selective versions of SEE's TETRA/TETRAPOL repeaters are also available.

A "selective filter" option may be added independently to the uplink and/or downlink.

This digital unit also allows:

o   Selection of up to 4 frequency sub‐bands to repeat (therefore eliminating other sub‐bands)

o   Independent programming of the following settings for each of these sub‐bands:

§  Central frequency

§  Bandwidth (100kHz ‐ 5MHz)

§  Gain

This feature therefore allows use of the repeater to eliminate unwanted carriers, for cases where several TETRA/TETRAPOL networks must co‐exist within in a single location.


400MHz band‐selective TETRA/TETRAPOL/DMR repeater

Standard versions of the 400MHz TETRA/TETRAPOL repeaters are available to cover the entire band, frequency‐selectable with a 5MHz bandwidth and 10MHz duplex separation.